Faced with the burden on his shoulders, Lin Dong's father did indeed live up to his expectations. Among the five brothers, he was the first to break through the 9th level of body tempering, and was promoted to the Diyuan Realm, and in just four years, he broke through the Diyuan again. Level, became the second Tianyuan master in the Lin family besides grandfather Lin Zhentian. That kind of cultivation speed made the grandfather, who has always been silent on weekdays, smiles with kindness and comfort on his old face every time he saw his father. The grandfather at that time was said to have been in the past decades. When you laugh the most.The Ten-Year Clan Meeting came in anticipation, but the final result was that everyone in the Lin family felt like an abyss. one move!It was just a move, and the father who was regarded as hope was a miserable defeat!Moreover, this is the first game of the clan club!Years of expectation and years of cultivation turned into a bubble in just a few breaths.