The outcome of the loser was naturally countless strange eyes, and against those ridicules and sneers, the group returned to Qingyang Town like a bereavement dog.That night, my father moved out of the inner area of ​​the Lin family and lived on the most remote hill in the depths of the Lin family. From then on, anything from the Lin family was no longer used. He said that he no longer had that qualification.And good fortune does not come, misfortune does not come singly. After the failure, Lin Xiao was not only decadent, but after the incident, he even more tragically discovered that the person who fought against him that day not only defeated him with a single palm, but also has not left a hand, almost like a beast. The violent power of his body destroyed it in a mess.Under these severe injuries, Lin Xiao's Tianyuan-level strength dropped directly, falling back to Earth-yuan level. Moreover, the serious injuries were silted up, and the meridians in his body were blocked seven or eight times. No matter how much he cultivated, it would be difficult to make progress.