Lin Xiao clenched his fists involuntarily, but the painful color of his bones flashed across his face. After a while, he stood up and walked outside the room with some fatigue."Liu Yan, let's boil medicine for the child, my injury is fine, it's been so many years, what is the use of a red ginseng?" Looking at the back with a little sullen aura, Liu Yan in the room had eyes red. Who would have thought that the most energetic man in Qingyang Town back then would be so depressed now. "Mother, don't cry, Dong'er will definitely practice hard, and then find a way to heal his father's injury." Lin Dong pulled the corner of Liu Yan's clothes and whispered."Moving, don't blame your father for being harsh to you, he just poured all his efforts on you, you know, this is his only expectation." Liu Yan lowered her head, looking at the serious color on Lin Dong's immature face, wiped her eyes lightly, then touched Lin Dong's head, and whispered.