Here, he established this small Lin family, and for decades, tried his best to return to the Lin family's inner clan again. This wish is the ultimate goal of his decades of hard work. However, his efforts have not achieved much effect. What he has done is not worth mentioning to the huge Lin family. Therefore, he can only transfer his ideas to other places. And this is the ten-year meeting of the Lin family!This is the most important meeting of the Lin family. It is very famous throughout the Great Yan Dynasty. It is held every ten years. Every meeting is the best opportunity for the younger generation of the clan to get ahead and become famous in the world. The rewards are naturally generous and greedy, but the most attractive place for Grandpa Lin Dong is that as long as you can break into the top ten of the conference, even if you are a foreigner, you will be promoted to an inlander without hindrance. , The glory is unlimited.Therefore, the clan meeting has become a new dawn in the desperation of Grandpa Lin Dong, but because of his age, he is no longer able to participate. Therefore, he has poured all his expectations on five half-parents. Naturally, Lin Dong's father, who stood out from his son, became the dawn of his grandfather and the entire Lin family.