In the family, those awe-inspiring gazes in the past gradually evolved into sighs, disappointments... Faced with this many disasters, Lin Xiao was finally desperate. Whenever he was drunk, he would madly hammer his chest. The low and muffled thunder-like sound made the mother on the side feel so distressed that only tears were wiped out. Although Lin Dong was young, seeing this scene still felt like a knife twisted in his heart. At the same time, a trace of hatred was quietly developed in the heart of the young man who wounded his father in such a way!He ruined his father and his home!As for the instigator, Lin Dong accidentally heard the uncle and others mention it with resentment and powerlessness.At the age of ten, he practiced, at the age of twelve, he broke through the nine-fold advancement to the Yuan realm, at the age of fourteen, he advanced to the Yuanyuan level, at the age of seventeen, he was twenty-five years old. In one fell swoop, he became one of the few powerhouses of the Great Yan Dynasty who formed a pill before the age of thirty!His life is simply cast by various legends.His name is Lin Langtian.