In the early morning, heavy fog shrouded this secluded mountain, and it was so white that people's vision became blurred. "Huh~hu~" In a dense forest behind the top of the mountain, suddenly there was an extremely intense gasp, and my eyes were drawn closer. I saw a short figure in a clearing in the forest, with his hands hanging on one. On the sturdy tree trunk, the small body constantly undulates with the help of the pulling force of the arm, and between the undulations, his body presents a somewhat weird posture. This posture makes the muscles all over the body even more so. They are all moving together. In addition, on his arms and ankles, there were several heavy black iron blocks hanging, and sweat dripped from his clothes, making the iron blocks wet.This small figure is naturally Lin Dong. His childhood did not live much wealthy, and his strict father taught him the most important things in cultivation, perseverance and diligence. These things , Is the only condition for him to compete with those of his generation who have good capital.